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What to Keep in Your Wedding Limo

When planning your wedding day, there are many decisions to make. It can be easy to overlook some of the less obvious details because the whole thing can seem overwhelming. You might have everything ready from the dress and the florist to the seating arrangement, décor and food. But have you thought about the ride to and from each location? A limousine is a glamorous way to get to and from each location, but it will be especially comfortable if you bring all the essentials.


A Great Playlist


Weddings make many people nervous, so sitting in a silent limousine will just increase those nerves. Create a playlist that creates the perfect atmosphere to get you prepared for the ceremony or in the mood to party. This is a great way to get distracted from your nerves and enjoy the ride.


Antacid Remedies


Nerves can sometimes cause inflammation, heartburn, stomach discomfort and other symptoms. This is why you should always have antacids on-hand. The last thing you want is stomach discomfort on your big day, and these remedies can help you avoid that.




Champagne is a great way to celebrate your new marriage. Ask our limo company to stock it in the bar, and we'll be sure to do so. Then you can crack it open after the ceremony!




When you're cruising in the limousine, it's a great time to capture candid, personal moments. Most of your wedding day is under a microscope, this is the time to be yourself and not stress about who sees. Make sure you plan photo time with your limousine driver so you aren't rushed.




Make sure to remember your boutonnieres, bouquets, wristlets, corsages and any other wedding party flowers you need. If you don't want to carry a lot with you and risk smashing the flowers, make sure to rent a larger limousine.


Makeup Bag


Keeping beauty essentials with you is a smart idea so you can touch up before photos. A little bit of translucent powder helps both the bride and groom avoid oily shine in wedding pictures. Quick ups in the limo will keep you looking fresh, awake and beautiful all day long.




Pack and drink a lot of water! Nerves have an awful way of drying out the mouth. The last thing you want is cotton mouth in front of a crowd. If you're drinking alcohol at your reception, you definitely want to make sure to have water. Ask us to stock in the bar and we'd more than happy to!

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