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Our Private Security Services

There aren’t many things better than a night out on the town, especially when that town is Austin TX. With great live music everywhere and an amazing food scene, Austin TX is the perfect place to let your hair down and have a blast out doing the town. Of course, there are also lots of businesses and special events, and all these situations call for safe and secure ground transportation provided by Echelon Limousine Services. We offer a wide range of private security services for corporate executives, VIP’s, high-profile individuals to get them wherever they need to be safely and securely.


Echelon provides private security services using U.S. security services to mitigate risk while maximizing security throughout the greater Austin TX area. In order to maximize protection and mobility, some of our areas of expertise include executive protection, anti-terrorist protection and private security services for celebrities and other high-profile individuals. In order to offer the best private security, our U.S. Security Service Personal Protection Officers are highly trained and discreet, experts in hand to hand combat, proficient as armed guards and licensed chauffeurs.


It is Echelon mission to consistently deliver world-class transportation and private security services to those people requiring such professional personal security. You can rest assured that our trained and experienced staff will handle all situations correctly, ensuring a safe and easy experience with us as we get your from place to place. Whether you are an executive on a business trip or a celebrity or musician in town to perform, Echelon’s private security services are sure to fit the bill for the perfect combination of professionalism, convenience, cost efficiency, as well as safety of security of course.


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Sometimes life can throw crazy things at you, and your safety and security is our number one priority. Logistics, travel planning, threat mitigation and integrated private security solutions in and around Austin Texas is our bread and butter and we have the track record to back it up. Consider what some of our clients had to say about Echelon Limousine Service:


“The level of care and services you have provided…has been outstanding and exceeded our expectations in every way.”


Or take for example this happy client:


“The level of care and services you have provided not only my wife, Karen and myself, but also our two daughters attending UT has been outstanding and exceeded our expectations in every way.

You have taken care of our family's transportation needs for several years and are always professional, timely, and courteous.”


Having private security services at your disposal for planning, logistics and safety is not just convenient it is just a smart move. It streamlines your travel experience and keeps you safe and in the care of expert professional who are seasoned and receive a lot of training. Our discreet personal and professional private security services offer our clients unparalleled peace of mind as well as insuring that your travel is not only fun but also luxurious. We can make arrangements for limos, armored vehicles, SUV’s, classic cars, private chartered jets as well as handling all the logistics involved with your trip in and out of Austin TX.


Call Echelon Limousine Services, Inc. in Austin TX today at 512-219-9447 for all of your private security service needs!

The level of care and services you have provided...has been outstanding and exceeded our expectations in every way.

You have taken care of our family's transportation needs for several years and are always professional, timely, and courteous.

We recommend you and Echelon Limousine Service without hesitation and look forward to many more years of using you both for our transportation and concierge needs."

Stephen Jones